Our Values

Farbspiel was founded in 2021 in Cologne, Germany.

We came together as a team of 7 (plus our 3 amazing Freelancers) to help push games into a world of media which wants to hear gender diverse voices and shed light on relevant subjects that are better experienced than witnessed.
Farbspiel Interactive consists of both industry veterans and newbies, combining fresh perspectives and the knowledge to build our vision.
We want to be colorful in our company presentation but serious when it comes to subject-matter of our games, tackling social and political themes that move us as individuals and many others in our daily lives and turn them into gameplay scenarios that challenge the player to empathize through playing.


Our Story so far

  • April 2020

    First Idea

    The idea and Belonging was found during a time of the pandemic when alt-right movements were growing, and conspiracy theories became more popular.

  • June 2021


    In June 2021 Farbspiel Interactive was founded in Cologne, Germany. Here we started our journey on developing Belonging as our first project!

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Our Amazing Team

ALEX (they/them)

Founder / Design Lead

DAVID (he/him)

Technical Director / Lead Programmer

LEONI (she/her)

3D Art

LUNA (she/her)

Tech Art / 3D Art

MILO (they/them)


JAKOB (he/him)

Lead Narrative Designer / Writer

JANA (she/they)

2D Art / Level Design

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